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Villa Petrac


Apartments Rab

Island of Rab, a town and island of marvellous scenic 
diversity, a variety of beautiful beaches, a cultural milieu dating back 
to pre-Roman times, with its four characteristic bell-towers, a town of 
rich historic heritage further refined into a complete experience for the 
senses, long pleasant walks, more than 120 years of experience in 
organised tourism and to cap it all, the kindness, hospitality and 
diligence of the island's people. 

A bountiful sea, rich in natural healing herbs, fertile fields, vineyards 
and olive groves but also, first and foremost, the people of Rab, 
genuinely glad to see every guest, each of whom they receive as a dear 

That is what makes this Mediterranean Adriatic island a top 
holiday destination all year round. 
When we say Rab, we have in mind the whole island, its 93.6 square 
kilometers and the localities of Lopar, Mundanija, Supetarska Draga, 
Kampor, Palit, Banjol, Barbat ... but the crown of it all is its most 
beautiful place, which has also given its name to the island, the town of 
Rab - the closely huddled Mediterranean urban complex which once reminded 
a literarily-minded visitor of a large white ship, swinging at anchor in 
the port, with four masts - the four tall belfries of Rab.

Numerous coves and marinas are suitable for sailing and nautical tourism. 
With ideal nature conditions there is opportunity for various sport and 
recreational activities.

On the island of Rab, in the town of Banjol there is a small peninsula named Petrac, and our villa is located there. 

About Us

Villa Petrac ***  is a newly built Aparthotel exuding family cosiness. 
Villa comprises of 14 luxuriously furnished apartments. All the apartments have a beautiful view overlooking the sea, 50 park lots and an exclusive restaurant with a patio on the very sea shore, which is accompanied by the sound of waves rolling in and shrouded in natural shade created by palm trees and pines. From the patio of Villa “Petrac” there is a breathtaking view of the lanterns of Dolin island (The Island of Tears), Školj (The Island of Happiness), Frkanj (The Island of Love) and Galofarin (The Reef of Farewell), silhouettes of the millennium Municipium Arb bulwark with its four bell towers on the one side and Miramar bulwark on the other side, as well as Barbat channel from which small boats and yachts sail into Rab harbour. Alongside the villa there is a promenade with inlets and beaches leading all the way to the town of Rab. All this is in the immediate vicinity, convenient for our visitors – a real challenge for the tourists’ cameras.

 Villa Petrac personnel wish you a pleasant stay and bon appétit


Welcome to our website VillaPetrac.com !

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